Monday, February 22, 2010

Sound of the day

...whilst on the treadmill at the gym i happened to catch live transmission of the landing of the's a distant memory now...but beautiful night footage - the appearance of a shape in the sky...the cockpit views of the approaching runway lights as touchdown immanent...why is it our ears can't retain memory the same way our eyes can - i can recall many versions of the visual - the graphite-type black and white sketch of night vision, the high definition lights against black, the glowing fire from off the tail...all i can now remember from the sound was the invigorating sense of a powerful drone and a flanging type affect of the sound...maybe i can find it on youtube to help me remember. i remember more the feeling the sound gave me than the sound itself...aaah yes here it is.

humans are so clever - sending mass machinery out into the nether regions of space and then guiding it back to a specific line of lights with pinpoint accuracy.

as i marveled at this i accidently hit the emergency stop button on the treadmill and cut short my run.

oh well.

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