Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flyus Crackius

as an extension to the creation of the sonic creatures, i am inviting people to provide visual sketch, photo, graphic of the creature based on the recordings. with your permission i will upload it here.

Flyus Crackius was created by Chaz Fitzgerald (CW recording/some processing).

also listen to the Flyus Crackius when it is agitated.

Sonic Creatures

'...we are creating a new visible world that requires a fresh healing approach to the invisible world where lie the narratives that shape our lives...

...although the myths we are living are largely subterranean - we are not much aware of their influence or even their nature - we can glimpse them...

...the essence of religion is to see the sublime and the awesome in the lowliest of things...'
from Thomas Moore - Original Self

The following are journal note excerpts describe the process which lead to the formation of Sonic Creatures.


Fiona Hall's Force Field - what a fantastic exhibition - made me think again about bending sound - all those PVC pipes has me wishing that sound could be containered - that the boundaries were more concrete, perceivable, containable, defineable - wish sound could have an invisible field around it so that you could see or sense this containment. A parcel of the moment i hate how it dissipates and spreads. i want it in neat little containers like the subterranean beaded beings of Fiona Hall's.


creation of a world of 'subconscious sound species'

an idea that has emerged from my imaginings in that initial waking stage...a stage of consciousness which is characterised by openness, imagination, a sort of not-yet-remembering-who-i-am...the emerging time...a magical time when all those attachments that govern how we think, or are used to thinking are suspended and we allow newness to enter. this is a great time for an idea to emerge...particularly as the idea itself can discuss the subconscious or workings of the subconscious and play and the extinct or undiscovered or the subterranean or what is beneath....undiscovered...untapped untamed

the essence of the idea is to give people a series of exercises whereby the end result is that they create a creature using found materials and combining them to make a combination of sounds which will become the creature. There seem to be various steps involved which include:

  • identifying sound elements - i think it would be good for people to collect objects/surfaces based on what they gravitate towards (not for sound reasons)
  • explore sound properties of each and in combination
  • choose one or a few 'personality' sounds - distinctive sounds that are integral to the items - that link them and seem to stick
  • identify the creature and name it - give it a scientific name/description
  • capture the data - record sound/photograph or sculpt materials to form

according to an old tradition in both the east and the west, when a human being has crafted some object beautifully and properly, a spirit will be so enticed by it that it will take up residence in that thing...'
Thomas Moore - Original Self

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sound of the day

ice dropped into a glass of blackcurrant juice and soda water makes beautiful muted clunkings and tappings

Thursday, October 15, 2009


a fantastic site for the sound enthusiast and armchair traveller (like myself). i can explore the world a little each day in preparation for being there. I have added the floating walkway recording to the mix and will continue to share my sound discoveries along the way.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

floating walkway

one highlight of my trip to brisbane was the discovery of the floating walkway - an 870 metre walkway that floats on the river. as boats go past, the waves generated by them created movement on the walkway resulting in singing tones. This also combines with the footsteps of walkers, joggers, talkers and bird-life.

i recorded this environment using a lapel microphone which was inserted into a metal tube on the walkway.