Friday, January 29, 2010


Hinemoana gave me the TILT task some time ago of creating a self has been hectic of late and the internal landscape has undergone some kind of upheaval...of the kind where, as with the weather, tidal changes and earth movements, it can be difficult to trace where it all began and day, it all just as mysteriously reverts back to something recogniseable...

that hasn't quite happened here yet - but i took the opportunity to take a current snapshot of the self.

1. take paper - fold numerous times
2. take drawing apparatus and lay out
3. with eyes closed - draw
4. unfold the paper

the drawing was made to the sounds of the Tim Olive/Francisco Meirino album Eagle Keys. as i compile this i am listening to Phil Niblock Ghost and Others.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

listening to...

Tunguska by 833-45: music predominantly using short-wave radio signal. great sounds - i personally like the ambient, noise only tracks without the addition of beats but that seems to be me right now....

30mins later...

...having said that i do like Pools of Goliath...the rhythm/noise ratio sitting right - phenomenal powerhouse of noise and beat!

also...Green Field Recordings has launched its inaugural releases. Green Field Recordings is a Portugese netlabel which focuses on field recordings. the first two are
MZ-N710 | Paysages Imaginaires 5 and François Emmanuel Fodéré | Hampi.