Saturday, November 28, 2009


make a location recording. later draw from memory the location/experience and use the image as graphic score to record further sounds. add to the location recording to complete the aural memory diary.

the field recording is of an old water pump that was sitting outside at the okains bay maori and colonial museum (banks peninsula, new zealand). hinemoana made the recording while i operated the pump (without water!). i then made the above drawing a week later and played it using electric guitar, knitting needle and ping pong ball. the result is old pump diary...

Sunday, November 15, 2009


create a constellation from stories, objects and observations from your week

Monday, November 2, 2009

TILT Explained

TILT = The Incredible Little Thing or The Incredible Little Task

TILT is a creative process exercise which is carried into daily life for a week or so and then pops out in whatever form it does - drawing on the events, sights, sounds, smells of the world, people, events, dreams, impulses...

they are inspired by the desire to remain open to imagination, magic, unexpected serendipities - those gifts that burst through what otherwise may be a week of routine and predictability. they tune us deeper into what is around but may be missed.

they are inspired by others who have created space for the same magics to occur - like Learning to Love You More

i invite you to join me in a little TILT or two and would be love to add any of your creations here!


answer the following questions using sounds, not words
1 what is it?
2 where does it live?
3 what is its favourite food?

this exercise became a short piece called requiem in paper and tape. it uses paper, tape, contact mic and feedback and was a first take effort for immediacy

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chocolate factory machines

i have been collecting and composing with sounds from the Nyco Chocolate Factory in Kapiti. i have developed quite a fondness for the machines, which have names like Twiggy, R2D2, Tom, Bertha, and One Shot. The people are pretty good too.

Sound of the day

1. the high pitched squeal of potato chips under the grill
2. the rolling of skateboard wheels from across a valley