Wednesday, February 3, 2010


this is raw field recording footage from our trip to banks peninsula last year. we visited the okains bay maori and colonial museum - a fascinating place which contained a vast array of maori and pakeha artifacts from colonial times...masses of items gathered in several rooms - arranged curiously in a cross between a museum and a crazed collector's shed. the wonderful array was spiced up by the fact that we felt as though we were miles from anywhere...near the sea... with a welcoming young host who played guitar at various points around the place...accompanied by the sheep who were hanging around in the field just near the back door of one of the gallery rural new zealand.

the baa recordings are a gift for felicity of the domestic soundscape fame as she has a penchant for sheep.

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Felix said...

Oh I love the sheep! I am in massive catch-up mode with the Internets and this recording with its gradually retreating 'baaaaaas' just made my day!

There is a lovely sense of peace in this.

Thanks x