Monday, April 26, 2010

sound of the day - blind wanderings

well, i was sitting here listening to the backyard compositions of tristan and sebastian when i heard a backyard sound of my own - a kind of knocking and scraping that sounded like it was coming from the backdoor. it was a little unnerving actually as my mind went through all the possible known sounds of the house and tried to ascertain what it might be. the cat doesn't usually knock or scrape at the back door - no it's not him as he is right now staring at me through the front window. the only thing left was to investigate. upon opening the backdoor this is what i found

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Felix said...

Oh man!

Did that poor little hedgehog get a yogurt pot stuck on his nose?! I'm glad it looks like he lost it by the bottom photo...

...I once heard a hedgehog also; it was a wet Summer's night and when the rain gradually subsided, I was listening to the outside - to the atmosphere and stillness - and suddenly I heard this grunting, shuffling noise!

I think I now understand where the 'hog' part comes from! Not sure what you experience was, but in my experience the little hedgehog sounds much like a miniature pig!