Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Flyus Crackius gallery

the flyus crackius as interpreted by vaitoa - a whole storyboard in fact. i continue to marvel at the genius and creative playfulness of people like vaitoa. he has even added a new creature to complete the sonic wonderland - the beaver lizerd. it includes male and female iterations of the species, stray penguin, and what look like mangled fish.

rather excitedly, i played him the next creature - the typhanee - only for him to say, 'oh i know that one - that's a small mammal'.

you can listen to the flyus crackius here.

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Terri T said...

yeah, we thought his drawings were pretty cool. and the beaver lizerd is a laugh! cool to hear the music that inspired his outlandish drawings. thanks for encouraging vaitoa's creativity, chris!