Monday, November 2, 2009

TILT Explained

TILT = The Incredible Little Thing or The Incredible Little Task

TILT is a creative process exercise which is carried into daily life for a week or so and then pops out in whatever form it does - drawing on the events, sights, sounds, smells of the world, people, events, dreams, impulses...

they are inspired by the desire to remain open to imagination, magic, unexpected serendipities - those gifts that burst through what otherwise may be a week of routine and predictability. they tune us deeper into what is around but may be missed.

they are inspired by others who have created space for the same magics to occur - like Learning to Love You More

i invite you to join me in a little TILT or two and would be love to add any of your creations here!


Lorina Harding said...

hell ya! i'm in Almonte, Ontario, Canada beating a 4/4 path between the hospital where my poor old mom languishes and her condo which used to be a wool factory where our ancestors worked a century ago. I've been photographing my time here and making slideshows with music...would love to share those but don't know how...have a mac and use iphoto... btw, dear grrrl, will be back in godzone in Jan and touring in march. we catch up in welly? yes? pls?

Felix said...

I love the Learning to Love You More project, and other projects - like the work of Mundane Appreciation or Christine Hill - that are a mechanism for celebrating and archiving, collecting and recording - the everyday.

I might TILT for you if you like!


Christine White said...

Hey ya Felix,

That sounds fab - a little TILTing from the woolly-wonder-underbelly of Oxford! I am enjoying wandering through your site...i'm new with this so still trying to come to grips with where to comment - like - where to reply to your comment...i have just read of your fascination with sheep and...well...of course we are a nation of sheep. was recently in Banks Peninsula at a Maori and Colonial museum that happened to have sheep wandering around partner commented that she hadn't realised sheep could be so 'individual' in their baa-ing...we captured some sounds so i will post them on my blog as a wee gift of appreciation for you :)